New project page with list of articles

I am trying to create a new project which should simply be a list of scientific articles. I created a .bib file using a Python script and now I’d like to simply import and list these articles from my .md file. Is this possible? I tried to use academic-admin but my understanding is that the destination page is Publications. Am I wrong? Thanks.

I am not familiar with the Academic Theme’s admin tool.

Hugo can import data from YAML, JSON, and TOML files located in the data directory in the root of your Hugo project.

So you would most likely need to convert the .bib file to .json for Hugo to retrieve its contents.

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Thanks. I converted my .bib file to .json. I am trying now to link the .json file to the .md file corresponding to this new project. I had a look at some examples on GutHub but they are rather complicated: can’t I simply tell Hugo to display the content of the .json file, which is stored in data/?

You need to access the named values of the json from your project’s template.

I already posted a link above to the Hugo doc about Data Templates. There are examples on that page.