New Podcast-Oriented Theme In Development - Feedback Appreciated

Hi Hugo pals,

I’m working on a Hugo theme for podcasters, called castanet. I already host my own podcast using Hugo, and since I saw at least one other podcast try to use that theme (which didn’t work well, as it wasn’t built for sharing, which is totally my fault), I decided to create one for use by others.

Many podcasters use WordPress, but I think that they’d love Hugo if they got to know it. Anyway, my theme isn’t quite ready for release, but I think it’s pretty close.

One of the most important features of the theme is that it creates an “episode-only” feed which is built for iTunes, etc. There’s not really support for including “regular” blog posts yet, but that’s coming.

Features Implemented:

  • Social sharing buttons, using a combination of hugo-snippets and js-socials
  • Guest data files - each episode can have 0-n guests, and the profile of the guest shows up on the page.
  • Playback of podcast audio episodes, using bootstrap3_player

There’s a truckload of things I still want to add, including the ability to display host information per-episode (for muliti-host shows), having the ability to include blog posts along with episodes, and the ability to control the color scheme. Video is coming soon as well.

I still have some layout issues to wrangle with, especially on smaller screens, but it’s MVP right now.

Feedback and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Either let me know here, or log an issue.

Sample site is at and you can check out all the code at

It’s totally free, and MIT-licensed.


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Hey Matt - This is great. I was in the same boat, and didn’t build in sharing/social on my first go round. I want to try to port some of my podcasts to this theme. How “not quite ready for release” is this? Anything you specifically need tested/implemented?

I would say it’s about 99% of the way ready to be used. I have a few issues I want to close out today and then I will cut a new release for it. Would love for you to try it out.

The one thing it doesn’t support right now is blog posts in addition to show notes/episodes; is that something you would need? It won’t be terribly tough for me to add that feature, it was just a lower priority for me. If you need that, let me know and I’ll take care of it in this release.

I just cut version 0.2.0 which should be ready for someone to try. There are some wonky layout issues on small screens still which I’ll be updating, but it would be great if you would give it a go and see what you find that is goofy.

Please let me know any bugs you find in the issue tracker.

Thanks again!

I gave it a try. It’s working pretty well. The only issues I’ve come across so far are from trying to make my frontmatter and data formats match yours. I think this might work. Also, I changed the colors. Gotta change the colors.

Cool. Let me know any hacks you needed to do…I might change the structure if they make more sense :slightly_smiling:

I also just shipped the rudimentary color scheme switcher; now you can choose between an orange and a blue theme. I haven’t cut it as a release yet, mostly because to follow SemVer, I would need to change the major (since it’s a breaking change) and I am not ready to call it “1.0” yet. But maybe later today :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing a bit of updating on the theme, so if you’ve taken a look at it, there have been some changes/fixes.

I’ve also created a better release process for the theme, so you don’t need to clone it down; the zip file of the theme itself is now available on the Releases page for the repo.

I’ve also created a release announcement mailing list to get updates :slight_smile: