New open source blogging to support Hugo

Years ago, Microsoft released a program name Windows Live Writer that allowed users to write blog posts for many websites and services without having to log into each page. The weekday program is available in 2012. Finally, Microsoft releases the program as an open source project on GitHub. There is a group of people working to update and improve the program.
Currently, some people are working to add support for Hugo and other static page builders. They created a fork to work on it.

Can you share a link?

Probably this one here:

Perhaps another one than OpenLiveWriter, because their GitHub contributions doesn’t show ‘a group of people working to update and improve the program’. (Not to prove you wrong, but just something I noticed when going through their GitHub.)

Maybe you saw a glitch :man_shrugging:

Shows 43 contributors now.

Well it looks like that the recent commits history of this project is kind of sparse.

Anyway I used Live Writer back in the day and it doesn’t look like the UI of the Open Source version has changed that much.

If it is integrated with Hugo I would like to check it out.

It somehow makes no sense to me because Live Writer worked with different APIs to connect to database connected CMSses and create, edit and manage posts. Not something that is useful for a static website. “Forking” that for static website use sounds like… ehm… I don’t know. The only thing useful is a WYSIWYG editor for content. No need to fork an API based system for that? Word has some kind of xml/html based WYSIWYG editor, richt text component which might be useful to create the content. All else is executing hugo, rsynching the files to a server (or service like netlify). Nothing (to me at least) where anything in Live Writer needs to be forked for.