Configure label for "return" on footnotes

Today I dabbled the first time in markdown footnotes.

The following:

something something[^1], something something...

[^1]: something something

results in a footnote like this:

  1. something something [return]

(Return links back to the location of the footnote in the text)

Is there any way to configure what is printed instead of the “return”? My site language is set to German so I would expect at least a localised string here. Better even would be a config variable.

I read the BlackFriday docu page (Hugo’s page) and found nothing pointing to something like this. I also did not explicitly set up any markdown flavour.

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This shoud do the trick:


footnoteReturnLinkContents = "↩"

That works. Great! Thanks!

Does anyone know why some blackfriday settings require:

  angledQuotes: true

but this setting is directly at the root-level of config.yaml/toml?

Note, this setting seems to be undocumented currently in Hugo docs despite being root-level.

It’s listed here: