New data-driven portfolio/showcase site, based on modified Hyde theme

Hi all,
Just wanted to post my new Hugo-built personal website - The inspiration, and the reason I’m sharing, is two-fold.

  1. I really liked the look and simplicity of the Hyde theme - - but wanted to adapt it for a portfolio/showcase site instead of a blog.
  2. I wanted to try out populating some content using JSON data because of the type of content I have (mostly links to stuff that I create or like elsewhere).

It has 4 pages. One is a simple “about” page that uses markdown content, another is a contact form built using Netlify’s sweet easy form tool, and there are 2 pages that render lists of URLs based on 3 separate JSON files (the “work” and “fun” pages). I also wrote a simple javascript function to filter the lists based on tags that are embedded inside the data files.

Anyway, I thought it could be interesting to others, since it’s pretty generic and hopefully easy to adapt for other uses. All the code is on GitHub here - Fork away!


Thanks for the contribution. It gives a good overview of techniques that get asked about here pretty often.

Also, I’m a happy balsamiq mockups user for years. The idea of specifically not making a mockup pixel-perfect, is one that has served me well.

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