NetlifyCMS Kaldi Template Issues (social links and forms)

I’ve been working off of the Hugo Kaldi Theme via NetlifyCMS. I’ve run into a few issues that I was hoping someone here at the hugo forums could help with.

My two main issues are working with the social icon links at the bottom of the page and the template forms that are built into the theme.

My issue with the social links:

Whenever I add my own personal socialmedia links to the form the site does not properly deploy. I get a wide range of errors. Is anyone familiar with this line of code and could provide some examples of how to properly insert a social media link?

Social media

    {{ partial "social-icon" (dict "link" "#" "svg" "icons-facebook") }} {{ partial "social-icon" (dict "link" "#" "svg" "icons-twitter") }} {{ partial "social-icon" (dict "link" "#" "svg" "icons-instagram") }} {{ partial "social-icon" (dict "link" "#" "svg" "icons-vimeo") }}

As for the templates. As of right now I have not customized the templates that are built into the form at all. I’m able to successfully fill out the form, but the data doesn’t go anywhere. Does anyone have any tips of services that i could use for both the newsletter and the contact form?

I’m very much a beginner with webdev but working with hugo has been a blast so far! I’ve figured out a bunch of the nuances, but youtube and the online guides has only gotten me so far. Would love, and greatly appreciate any insight or assistance!

What errors do you get? You’ll also need to share a link to your git repo.

I recommend reading up on hugo’s dict func, as this is how you pass arguments to that partial.

Looking at your commit history, you left out the dict keyword, and the "link" key, so give this a shot:

{{ partial "social-icon" (dict "link" "" "svg" "icons-instagram") }}


The contact form isn’t wired up to anything currently. So you’ll have to handle that yourself. You said you’re using NetlifyCMS, so I’d look into Netlify Forms.