Netlify now charges for build minutes

300 minutes included in the free/starter plan.


I wonder what count as build time. Netlify adds a lot of overhead on top of your own ssg. Surely they can’t charge us for installing nodejs and friends when we don’t need them.

Beside there’s a lot of build time for which we have no control and monitoring. Sometimes build can take up to 5 minutes for no particular reason.

Surely they can if they want. But that surely calls for slimmer/custom build images (aka what Forestry is doing).

That said, I suspect that they start the timer once the “build command” starts executing.

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I used up 29 minutes last month and use it for 8 websites currently (they show the times on the build tab). Lot’s of test builds on my blog (with about 2000 entries and felt 10 minutes build time from push to live). I don’t think it’s time to panic yet. Also their caching mechanisms should take a lot of time out if that is included in the build time.

Worst case is “just” to build locally and upload the public folder.

The Hugo Themes Showcase usually takes a long time to deploy, I wonder if it is going to be affected by this new limit.

We’re on an open source plan. What that means in this particular situation I’m not sure about, but they haven’t a credit card on file, so I’m not worried …


Agree. And Hugo will obviously do better than some of the JS based gens in this department.


Build minutes used

Previous billing period
1,485 :scream:

That’s what happens when you have to rebuild every 20 mins :rofl:

Why do we need netlify to build hugo? Gitlab CI/CD doesn’t good enough?

You don’t need it, but they provide a convenient service.

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This is the data for the Gohugoio account:

152 minutes last month is surprisingly low (considering the theme site).

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Poor Jekyll… :smirk: Jekyll builds on Netlify are notoriously slow. Netlify reinstalls the Ruby dependancies on each build and its even slower than localhost for whatever reason.

Don’t know if they improved but they were pretty unreliable like 18 months ago.

Also integration with Letsencrypt still seems buggy

I would rather play with GitHub Pages for simple projects or go out of my way and jump into the AWS world, if Netlify’s limits on the free plan become too much.

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