Slow Build Times Past 1min

So I’m still trying to get use to Hugo and I’m trying to see if hugo is good for my clients in real estate. I love it so far but something I’m noticing is the extremely slow load times. Sometimes it will be 20 seconds but can also go all the way up to 1min. I’m wondering if it’s all the conditions that I have or is it just bad code? My repo can be found here:

I’ve been at a loss so now I’m looking for some help.

Re. build times.

  • If you have moderate amounts of data (e.g. < 10K content pages) slow build times can (almost) always be explained by ineffective templates. Use hugo -h and look for the template metrics flags, which should give you some useful hints.
  • If you have large amounts of data (> 30K) or handle big JSON files etc. in one way or the other, then Hugo currently can be somewhat memory hungry, which could slow things down. I have some improvements in this area coming that should make Hugo scale much, much better …

The repo you linked to builds in 150 ms so that seems not to be the problem. This is when I run it locally on my desktop.

How do you run Hugo?


I use Netlify for hosting and I use for CMS.

Oh, did I hear Netlify there? Are you referring to the build times on your local computer or on Netlify? If you are using the free tier in Netlify then slowing down of builds is something that seems to be some kind of throttling on their behalf. You either live with it or upgrade to a paid tier and it goes back to fast. I have a cronjob running that triggers daily builds on Netlify and those are running smooth and fast. When I develop and upload changes without much time in between they get slower and slower. It’s acceptable because all else is for free.

I didn’t realize Netlify slows down build times. Thank you for that information. I guess I will have to do some more research!