Nested markdown shortcodes don't work

I searched around to see if this had been covered already. Apparently not, but apologies if I’ve missed it.

I do not seem to be able to nest markdown-style shortcodes (using the % notation). When I try something like the following…

{{% outer %}}
Here is some **markdown**. And here is a shortcode: {{% inner "some arg" %}}
{{% /outer %}}

… it has the effect of outputting the inner.html shortcode file’s contents as text inside a <pre> block (??)

Have you come across this problem before?


Can you point me to source? Are you getting anything in the console? I have not had any issues with nested shortcodes…

Nothing in the console. I have this issue with a number of different % notation nested shortcodes. Here’s the source of one example:

{{ $title := .Get 0 }}
{{ range .Site.Pages }}
  {{ if eq .Title $title }}
    <a class="pattern-link" href="{{ .Permalink }}">
      <svg class="bookmark" aria-hidden="true" height="50" width="40" viewBox="0 0 40 50">
        <use xlink:href="#bookmark"></use>
      {{ .Title }}
  {{ end }}
{{ end }}