Need some help with changing title

Hello, these are the parameters I’ve passed in my config.toml file.

identifier = “blog”
name = “blog”
title = “Blog”
url = “/blog”

But my website title shows “Blogs”. I’m not sure where the extra letter “s” is coming from. Would really appreciate some help with this!

See, specifically pluralizeListTitles.

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I tried doing this, I added pluralizeListTitles = false in my config.toml, it’s still not changing though. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you again for the help!

Please share your configuration file.

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theme = "hugo-theme-codex"
title = "Arvin Das"
languageCode = "en-us"
baseURL = ""
copyright = "© {year}"

  dateFormat = "Jan 2 2006"
  author = "Arvin Das"

  twitter = "<your handle>"
  github = "<your handle>"

  iconOrder = ["Twitter", "GitHub"]

  twitterSite = " "
  twitterAuthor = " "

  showPageTitleInTOC = true
  pluralizeListTitles = false

copystart = "2021"

    codeFences = false

      unsafe = true

  identifier = "home"
  name = "home"
  title = "Home"
  url = "/"

  identifier = "blog"
  name = "blog"
  title = "Blog"
  url = "/blog"

What does your content directory look like?

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└── content
    └── blog
    |    └──
    |     └──
    |     └──
    |     └── static
    |     	└── js
    |    	 └── svg


Well, it looks to me like pluralizeListTitles = false should be working. Can you share the public repository for your project?

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Yep, here it is!

Admittedly, the code is quite disorganized, I’ve tried playing around with it quite some bit. Apologies for that! Thank you for helping again!

When I asked you to post your site configuration, you didn’t post your site configuration. You posted an edited version of your site configuration.

You have placed pluralizeListTitles = false within the [params] table. Don’t do that.

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Also, the static directory belongs at the root of your project, not within the blog directory.

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That worked, thank you so much for the help!

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