Need help installing a hugo theme

can someone please assist me on how i can fix this build problem my log url is attached below

repo :

Problem is reported for the partial themes/hugo/layouts/partials/sidebar.html on line 34.
The content on this line is

{{ range first 10 .Site.Taxonomies.tags.ByCount }}

Could you change the content of this line to the following and see if the problem still persists?

{{ range first 10 $.Site.Taxonomies.tags.ByCount }}

(Add $ before .Site)

nothing happened this is the new log

Here is the solution: Error using first: both limit and seq must be provided.

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how i can implement that in my theme

I did it already, check the pull requests…

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thank you very much it’s working now, but i have a new problem now when visiting my blog i get a page not found error
but when i preview the build it works :

i have fixed the page not found problem