Need clarification on how to make multilingual links?

On a multilingual site

I have two directories /fr. and /en
containing respectively two bundle pages /how-to-reach-us and /comment-nous-joindre (which corresponds to a contact page)

And then I have respectively two pages /job and /emploi which have the same layout with a link to his contact pages

The pages /how-to-reach-us and /comment-nous-joindre have a transitionKey: how in their frontmatter

Question how do I link to the contact pages from the jobs pages?

I understand it’s supposed to be something like this.

<p class="like-btn"><a href="{{"how" | relLangURL }}">{{{ T "contact"}}</a></p>
in the meantime I do like this
{{ if eq $.Lang "fr"}} <p class="like-btn"><a href="{{ "/comment-nous-joindre/" | relLangURL }}">{{ T "contact"}}</a></p> {{ else }} <p class="like-btn"><a href="{{ "/how-to-reach-us/" | relLangURL }}">{{ T "contact"}}</a></p> {{ end }}

thx in advance