Navigation Issue

I’m trying to create a navigation for my blog where I will have a Home page for every article, a tutorial page for tutorials l.

I tried something already but in the Tutorial section, it’s different from how it looks on my Home page as the date it was published isn’t showing again.

Here is the link to my blog:

Not found

What’s not found?

check your blog link

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Click URL, check resulting page

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Oh my! Terrible sorry for the wrong link
Here is the correct link:

Okay, now it works. To your question: Can you explain in a bit more detail please? How should your menu structure look like?


|-- articles
    |-- article1
    |-- article2
    |-- article3
|-- about
    |-- about myself
    |-- about my work
    |-- about anything else
|-- contact

And how do you want to link from where to where?

I want to have a navbar on the header where I will have a Home tab for everything, a tutorial tab for only tutorials, etc but not in the sense of different pages like Home, about, contact.

I don’t know if I’m descriptive enough. I can send you a link to my GitHub if you want?

Just post the repo link here that others can jump in as well. Did you try the different menu options Hugo is offering out of the box?

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I tried everything. I wasn’t getting the result I wanted

Here is the GitHub link:

Do you mean you want to list all your content on home, and have other index pages to list specific types of content, such as tutorials? So that, clicking the tutorials tab kind of “filters” the content shown on the body of the page, to just show tutorials?

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OMG!! That’s exactly what I want to do

Although it’s kinda working, the only issue I’m getting is that when I click on the Months tab, the publish date is no longer showing

The point is, what list template is being used for your home page, versus for your post page. Looks like different partials are being called, either page-stub or post-stub.

If you want to see which template is used by Hugo these articles might help:

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I’m overwhelmed with your reply. I don’t really know much, most things I have done has been trial and error. If you can simplify things for me?

Honestly, I didn’t really understand anything from there

Sorry, but there’s no other way than to learn Hugo if you want to customize things like you do. It’s not that hard. Begin with the videos from Mike on the Hugo website. Then there are several resources out on Youtube - just search.

Thanks. I was able to solve it. I changed the page stubs to post-stubs and it worked. The month tab was using the page-stub.