My single page theme doesn't render in hugoThemes

I have a custom theme named Avicenna. I edited layouts/_default/single.html to create single pages in the theme. It works properly in my local tests. However, when I am going to test it against hugoThemes, I encounter with 404. How can I fix it?

Right. I misread your post.

Well the themes in the Hugo Themes repository will need to be updated to pull your theme’s latest updates.

This happens usually around once a week. We have no automatic schedule for theme updates.

If you want to test your theme locally with the Hugo Themes Build Script you can find instructions here

Sorry. Maybe I addressed my issue improperly. My theme page works fine on the website and there is nothing wrong with it.

I made new changes and, before publishing it, as the instructions implied, I need to test it with hugoThemes in my development environment. I added support for single pages. It works fine when I test it with my local dev environment. However, when I am trying to test it with hugoThemes locally, before publishing, the single pages encounter with 404.

Are you referring to http://localhost:1313/projects/hodhod/ is that the single page you are referring to?

First of all when I test your theme on its own locally (without using the Themes Site Build Script) I get a 404. Since this content file has draft: true

Second the content of demos on the Hugo Showcase is inherited from Therefore custom content will not be served unless there is special reason to do so. That is why in the theme submission guidelines of the Hugo Themes repo we ask theme authors to test their demos with the content of the hugoBasicExample.

You may want to keep an eye on these guidelines since they are always up-to-date and reflect the latest guidance for theme authors who want to have their theme featured on the Hugo Themes Showcase…

Also note that these guidelines are going to be updated soon and you may want to track