My shortcodes and others articles (EN, FR)

Hi, all

I wrote an article to promote some shortcodes, by me, to use with Hugo.

The shortcodes are for:

  • element HTML abbr
  • an anchor in same page
  • citation with element HTML blockquote
  • a bloc of code
  • a color of text
  • displaying a file content
  • element HTML img differently: image
  • element HTML kbd
  • link inside site; two versions: simple v1 , and with params v2
  • bloc alert/ note for danger, info, success, tips or warning messages
  • display tag correctly inside the page.
  • link to the official documentation gohugo , manpage OpenBSD or Wikipedia articles/pages.

French: Je propose dans cet article quelques un des mes shortcodes !
(en espérant que ça puisse aider d’autres)

Les shortcodes créés le sont pour :

  • élément HTML abbr
  • une ancre dans une même page
  • une citation avec l’élément HTML blockquote
  • un bloc de code
  • une couleur de texte
  • afficher le contenu d’un exemple de fichier file
  • élément HTML img différement : image
  • élément HTML kbd
  • liens internes au site ; deux versions: la simple v1 , et celles avec des paramètres v2
  • un bloc d’alerte ou de note pour les messages de type danger, info, success, tips ou warning
  • afficher correctement un tag à l’intérieur d’une page.
  • lier vers la documentation gohugo , une page du manuel OpenBSD ou des articles/pages Wikipédia .

My articles:

  • Deploy with SFTP: EN, FR
  • Internal search engine with JQueryUI: EN, FR
  • Internal search engine with JQueryUI and Feed JSON: EN, FR
  • Feed: Atom, JSON, RSS: FR
  • Menu nav (simple or dropdown): FR
  • Hugo on OpenBSD: EN, FR
  • Hugo: Opensearch: EN, FR
  • Hugo : Gemini, Gopher… ‘Quoi d’autres ?!’: FR
  • Hugo : Redirection permanente pour Nginx sous OpenBSD: FR



Now, this afternoon, I translate my french articles Hugo into English (most simply possible).
(I hope my english is not very too bad; sorry, if it’s the case)

My english section Hugo:

My articles:

  • Shortcodes: EN, FR
  • Deploy with SFTP: EN, FR
  • Internal search engine with JQueryUI: EN, FR

PS : If a modo can rewrite the title of the topic to add EN, as: (EN+FR), it would be nice! :smiley:


If you want someone to review your English content I’m on need of a French translator. Please feel free to message me for opportunity.

@hucste, I made the topic a wiki page, I believe you can edit it now. :slight_smile:

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A new article in FR, to understand how to create a menu (simple or dropdown) for Hugo.

New article about using Hugo on OpenBSD:

I modify my “Hugo shortcodes” articles to include link to RAW src shortcodes! :wink:

Today, I deliver new article about implement Opensearch format description in Hugo!

Hi, I cant modify the first title. Normal? Surprising! :frowning:
I want to change it by “My shortcodes and others articles (EN, FR)”. If a modo, or admin can… thanks.

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Done :+1:

Now I’m going to read your article. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Today, I wroted a new article:

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Hi @hucste and thank you for all these articles!

About your last post, it seems like the search is done only in the post titles, do you know a way to extend it to the content too?

By the way, I’m searching since a long time for a solution with these requirements:

  • no additional package (JS librairies are fine, but as I’m not self-hosting, no npm)
  • no third party service (exit Google or Algolia)
  • full-text search
  • highlight of search terms in the results
  • optionnal: live display (aka reload as I’m typing)

I’ll be glad if you have any hint
(et merci d’avoir écrit tes articles aussi en français!)

Not by title, but by .summary values (= description). :wink:

Change the label’s values by get .context_text or .context_html.

{{- $desc := safeHTML .context_text -}}

Me too. And I dont understand why using lunarjs, for instance, if I have yet JQuery.

C’est plutôt l’inverse qu’il faudrait dire : “merci d’en avoir écrit certains en anglais, aussi”.
Le FR est ma langue native :wink:

One mode/admin can check. It’s seems I click on button ‘Solution’, unintentionnally. I desire that thread is not locked, please!

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Today, I wrote some corrections… and publish the EN version! :smiley:

Thank you, I’ll definitively give a try!

Hi, all.

Yesterday, I wroted a new article in French:

To manage in few minutes, the publish for Gemini or Gopher project.

Hi, all.

I write a new article in FR:

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