My Pull request been "stuck" since August....any update?


Back in august/septmer I submitted a few patches to remove the requirement for specifying dates and title in front matter. They got reviewed and ack’ed but still sitting unmerged.

Anyone around to tell if they will make it in or I should just continue to maintain my own fork of hugo ?

PR’s are and and and

p.s. readme of the project still refer to glitter but that channel gives 404 - hence why I’m asking here instead.

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I just tried it out on my site locally (using the master build of Hugo)… you don’t need any front matter…

This works:

My post content

Update: Turns out that even that empty front-matter section is not needed. FWIW I’m using a theme based off Alabaster theme. It’s possible that the theme you are using is mandating those two page params.

Update 2: Please ignore the above… looks like you want to auto-derive the title and date, but without explicitly specifying those in the front matter. Personally, I like the current behavior as I don’t need to hard-code the dates in file names. But I can see that your mileage is varying :slight_smile:

Nothing in my PR removes/changes current behavior - it only allows for simpler IMO workflow plus I don’t need ANY frontmatter at all not even an empty one and my PR allows much easier migration from existing systems like Jekyll or awestruct.

Plus allows sorting blog posts by post date rather than modification :slight_smile:

I will answer in the topic.

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