Multiple publication types


Is there any way a publication can have multiple types, e.g., a journal paper and a book? (I’m using Academic).
I’m asking since I’m using the publication types to classify my papers into work packages in a project and would need them to appear in more than one work package.


off the top of my head there are two ways to do something like that. Using sections and using a Taxonomies.

Using sections:

You need to run hugo new journal/entry-title and if you want them to display differently than other posts, you will need a theme file located at themes/your-theme/layouts/journal/single.html for example.

Using a taxonomy:

Let’s say your journal entries all belong to the category “journal”, your frontmatter will have something like this:

  - journal
  - somethingElse

I was looking through the docs what is the path to save a single.html file for a taxonomy term, but couldn’t find it. However, there was an earlier thread here about that exact issue.

You want to classify, reach for a taxonomy! :slight_smile: Or related content, that would work, too.

Those are alternative suggestions, no comment on multiple types.