Multilingual mode without reloading the page

Hello everyone! Is it possible to use multilingual mode without reloading the page? Like this jQuery plugin:
Thank you very much!

Hi @pennybuster

This is certainly possible. Using the package you provided as an example, you can get this done (check out PJAX as well) on the client, but this is really more up to you as the developer to do this type of AJAX programming. Hugo is really here to help you generate static web pages (which could work in what I think you want to be your end result).

Sorry this isn’t of more help, but the answer is both “Yes, of course this can be done,” and “This might not be the best forum to ask these kinds of questions.” If you get up and running with a repo though, perhaps I can help :smile:

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Thanks a lot for your help. I’m a newbie, but I will let you know if I get something done about it in the end.

Edit: I did a quick Google search about PJAX and static website generators and I want to share some results:

“PJAX […} (is) surprisingly badly supported by existing generators”

“This tutorial is aimed at exactly what I wrote this tool for. I wanted a static site, with content loaded using the awesome PJAX jQuery plugin PJAX requires, like any AJAX-based tech, that the content requested is returned without the entire page. This means, if you want to serve up /about.html both as a static file (fully templated) and as a page fragment (for PJAX), you need different layouts/formats/whatever. This, in a nutshell, is the problem Lannister has arrived to solve.”

Can you share your thoughts about this topic?