How to perform i18n without using Hugo's multilingual mode

Hello! I was browsing through the posts here on the forum, also played with the multi-language mode, and concluded that for my site which wouldn’t have all the content translated in all languages (rather the opposite), going with multi-lang mode is not the way for me.

I see there’s support for i18n, but that would utilize the content language of the current page. But my pages won’t have different language, as far as Hugo is concerned, since multi-lang mode is not enabled.

So, a question is, how could I pass in the language context explicitly to the i18n functions. I’m thinking of something like {{ T "de" "the-key" }}, where I could likely take the language from my front matter, also have this is some shortcode for non-theme use.

Thank you!

You cannot.


This comment describes an alternative: