Multilanguage og:description for Academic theme V3.3

Hi ,

I am using hugo-academic rev 3.3 and with 2 languages : french (default) and english.
Everything is well translated (menu , pages,… ) excepted the homepage “site description (og:description)” which is defined in config.toml in French by default.
I cannot find how to provide a translated value of “description” or to add a page summary to the homepage. Thus in google results my homepage summary for the english version is in French.

Can you help me ? Thank a lot !
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I don’t use hugo-academic, but I suppose you can achieve description localization like me. In your config file (mine in written in yaml), add a description for each language:

    title: Your Title In English
    description: Your description in English
    title: Titre en français
    description: La description en français

You can see it in action here:, and in my repo (french config):

Hi Nicolas
Thank for your help. For Academic V3.3 , the ‘description’ field is defined in config.toml .not in a multilanguage section (not in yaml language)…
Unfortunatly I think I need to upgrade my site to Academic V4 to properly adress this problem

If somebody can confirm …
Thank for helping me.

cc @neutreno

There shouldn’t be any need to upgrade Academic in order to translate a site parameter as Academic does not implemented this, it is implemented in Hugo. Parameters can be translated as described in the Hugo docs. Sounds like Params.description is the option which you wish to translate.

thanks for your help , you were right , I just added the translated string in config.toml
Something like
languageCode = “us-en”
description = “Site description in English …”
and it works fine