Multihost alias to other language site possible?

I have a site, that I am making multlingual now. We want to put it on different domains. So the multihost option comes in handy.

However, we actually have a lot of content, that we only want to make available in one language form. So I want to set aliases for those pages.

alias: ["/fr/some_page"]

The problem is of course that this does not work as I want, as this logically create a page in the same site folder (/de/fr/some_page), where I would want the alias page in the folder of the other language (/fr/some_page).

Is it possible to do this? How?

I would try it to solve with an alias template

You can manipulate the Permalink - replace /de/fr/ with /fr/

hope this helps

Thanks for the tip! However this does not solve the issue. As it is not about the Links in the template, but where the html page is being created. Using the mulithost, only a subdirectory is being deployed (one subdirectory per language onto different domains.

I guess I will have to solve this outside of hugo with some netlify redirects (

OK, i missed this!