More config-merge issues

Some of my sites stopped working when Hugo lerned to merge configurations. Most of these issues I could work out by using merge parameters. One problem I can’t wrap my head around (yet):

I add to some of my modules (for instance a shortcode implementing module) a documentation in form of a simple Hugo site. Sometimes the content files are in the documentation. If my module now defines a contentDir in it’s configuration, this gets bubbled up to the site using that module and the site stays empty.

Is there any way to keep this separate other than running Hugo in the module with a CLI parameter to define the contentDir instead of having it in the configuration itself?

Sitenote: contentDir is not within a subsection of the configuration. Is there any way to define the merge strategy for that level?

This one solved itself :wink: I move the documentation configuration into a docs environment folder under config and can forget about the merging.

Yes there is: --contentDir

On your overall issue I’m suprised this is linked to Hugo 84, as, by default, only the keys stored under the site’s params should be impacted.

I did the dummy test :wink: Install 0.83.1, run hugo server, website has content, install 0.84.0, run hugo server, content part is empty. Removing contentDir in the configuration of the module then re-surfaced the content parts. So I am pretty sure there is something weird going on. I spent the last two days cleaning up and updating all modules to go sure it’s not something in my setup.

In understand.

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