Modules: Import ignore config folder

Hi, I have two hugo websites

The fist website is configured to be a go module

Is architecture:

| content
   | en
       | ...
   | fr
       | ...
| config
   | _default
       | menus
           | menus.en.toml
       | languages.toml
| go.mod
| go.sum
| config.toml

On the second website I import the first website as hugo module.
But all the configuration inside the config folder are ignored.
Only the config.toml is read. If I move the config.toml inside the config folder no configuration are imported.

Hugo version use: 0.61
Operating system: Windows
Go version: 1.12

Yes, this is a current limitation of modules. I may fix the “config in folders part”, but the main bulk of the configuration is meant to live in the project.

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Thanks for your answer
I copied all my conf into the config.toml for the moment.

It works for the menu
But I still have an issue with the languages:

On my first website I have content in english and french.
I’ve set the available languages and the defaut content languages in my config

defaultContentLanguage = "en"
    contentDir = "content/en"
    languageName = "English"
    weight = 1
    contentDir = "content/fr"
    languageName = "Français"
    weight = 2

But when I’m importing the first website into the second website the defaut content language isn’t take in count.
I’m force to go to to have access to the english content. If I just enter I have a 404.

I repeated the above config in website 2. It works for website 2 content but not for website 1 content