Modify xml feeds for syndication

I’m using the Hugo-academic theme for my website. I would like to modify the xml feeds such that some of my posts would be imported by an external website at my university. What would I have to do at my end to do this? I’ thinking somehow that I would have to set it up so that blog posts with a particular tag would generate a specific xml feed and then the blo I want to post to would suscribe to that feed. Or???

First, read all the docs. :slight_smile:

After you’ve read everything, focus on RSS templates and output formats. You can probably get by with a tag feed, for your purposes.

please look at my article

take what you need.

Academic is using a customized Web Feed which limits output to 15 items, and not just posts. These items will change, so if you want to have better control over your feed you’ll want to customize what’s there. You can customize the existing feed
without modifying the theme by creating a rss.xml in your site’s layouts directory and fill it with what you want the feed to look like. Note Atom, unlike RSS default in Hugo, supports multiple channels so you could conceivably create a channel for just your post content and remove the limit so the syndication always has your most recently modified content and that content remains up-to-date with edits for all of your posts.

Hi there, @ju52’s solution looks the most promising. I’m a complete noob here though. how would I implement this?
Would I first cut-and paste your configuration into my config file? How would I test that that is working then? Open something in a browser?

@sjkiss the instructions in that tutorial post are fairly clear; at the beginning of each code block is the name or reference of the file where those code goes.

I encourage you to follow my advice, read up, and try to follow those examples.