Migrate to org-publish

Hello, I am looking to migrate from Hugo to org-publish, is there an easy way? I’ve have found several guides to migrate from jekyll, like this one: https://duncan.codes/posts/2019-09-03-migrating-from-jekyll-to-org/index.html

Unfortunately I do not know how to do it smoothly with my set up.

I have some posts written in plain org, that is no problem. But I also have the majority of my blog posts written in markdown (With YAML header and TOML header), since I once migrated from Jekyll to Hugo.

I though maybe pandoc could help me in the process, but when converting a markdown file to org, I am loosing all TOML or YAML headers, so the resulting org file have no #+ properties.

Any suggestions? I could write some python code that read YAML and TOML headers and output, but I have lots of custom headers (https://github.com/elbaulp/algui91-hugo/blob/master/content/post/create-deploy-telegram-bot.en.md) like url that will cause 404 errors when migrating to org-publish


I suggest you check with the support given by the system you are migrating to; it makes sense to cover migrations where the action is, just as we are the best resource for migrating to Hugo.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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