Migrate Jekyll Podcast to Hugo

Hi everybody
I try to migrated last year mi Jekyll podcast blog to Hugo

Hugo is better to test in my computer. Fast and simple.

My difficult is try to generate a feed to my podcast.
Only the posts with Podcast category need to go to feed.

Is it possible in Hugo?
Thanks a lot.

Yes, you can, for example, create a content/podcast/ with it’s own _index.md.

After, you can create the custom feed at themes/yourtheme/layouts/podcast/section.rss.xml

If you want to keep all posts together, another option would be to change the range used in the xml file to a where statement by category.

Is it possible create this custom feed in myweb.com/feed?
I want this custom feed only use a post category. No all post.
I have two podcasts with two feeds depending the category assigned.
Maybe It´s different in Hugo.

Hugo is flexible enough to allow you to have any feed you want.

In the case of two podcast, I would suggest using two sections because that way you can have myweb.com/podcast-1/feed and myweb.com/podcast-2/feed

Take a look at the template lookup order to decide what is best for your use:

Thanks for responses.
I tried to create last years a blog to migrate to Hugo:

I don´t know the changes in the feed you say.
I try to do it.

To migrate i think i try to change jekyll feed:

Change: {% for ep in site.categories.podcastlinux %}
This only use post category: “podcast”

In Hugo i write is like this:
{{ range first 50 .Data.Pages }}
{{ if eq .categories “podcastlinux”}}

Is it?

You can use something like

{{ range where $.Site.RegularPages .Params.categories "in" "podcast" }}

Untested of course and will depend on the way you implemented categories in the frontmatter.