Menu entry not working

I am trying to figure out what would make a menu entry not to work in such a case. I am trying to connect to a page but these two terms “privacy” and “privacy-policy” when used as the slug of a page and called in the pageref of a menu, the menu item does not show and only the title shows up. Inspecting the code shows <a href >title here</a>). All other menu entries appear as they should. However, adding the menu directly on the page itself works as expected. No errors triggered during build either.

You must be tired or something because this post very difficult to parse and interpret, much less help you. Please try when you are fresh and organized (and provide a public repo that we can look at to help you).

I’ve have had off days/times too, for the record, so I’m not trying to be snarky, it’s just clear this is not your best post.

After several hours of digging, I found out one of my content files shares the same file name and slug as the file above that was not responding. So, creating a menu with the same slug or even different slug without changing the filename still made the menu unresponsive. I wish there was a way Hugo could detect this though, since I had to go down a rabbit hole of over 500 articles to find it. I renamed the file and slug and the menu entry works now.

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