Markdown-based shortcodes/partials

I suggest allow writing shortcodes/partials just in Markdown. It will be nicer for those people who don’t want to deal with HTML. :wink: For instance Jekyll allows doing this: Liquid templates can be written in Markdown:

| Info                                |
| :---------------------------------- |
| :bulb: {{ include.content }}        |

and used as:

{% include_relative _templates/info.liquid content="Some text passed to the template." %}

@EmilySeville7cfg The Hugo is designed to support shortcodes style, you can read the offical document found the example. eg. Create Your Own Shortcodes

And you can also check it out on my site:

Good luck.

You can do that, like:

in layouts/shortcodes/test.html:

| Info                                |
| :---------------------------------- |
| :bulb: {{ .Get 0 }}   |

and call it like:

{{% test "your-string-here" %}}