0.52 enableInlineShortcodes and variables in Markdown

i’m very noob and was used to Jekyll where Liquid was everywhere…
but can’t use the 0.52 enableInlineShortcodes feature to print a simple {{.Page.Title}} in the markdown

even better could i execute some custom template code in a page?

in the same topic: i have several pages that aren’t exactly “content”, but data elaboration… i don’t want to write a template for each of them, so what about having a frontmatter setting “enableTemplateParsing = true” that would allow template code?

thank you! Hugo rocks

For this, use the built-in param shortcode

Share some code for what you are trying to do here. It is not clear, at least to me


There is a reason why a simple Jekyll blog can take a “minute” to build. The scope of “inline shortcodes” and the new param shortcode are very well defined. If you combine:

  1. Regular shortcodes
  2. Inline shortcodes
  3. param shortcode

Etc. you can do anything you want – at speed.