Markdown and tabSpaceEight

According to the documentation, the BlackFriday extension “tabSizeEight” is disabled by default. The docs say: “When enabled, expand tabs to eight spaces instead of four.”. Since it’s disabled by default, I’d assume that that means tabs in code blocks are interpreted as four spaces.

But, when I follow the Quick Start guide and drop in a fenced-code block like below, the tab is interpreted as 8 spaces.

	This line is indented one tab.
This bit is NOT indented.
    This line is indented four spaces.

Am I misreading the docs?

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Guh… I dug into BlackFriday (v1) source code and answered it for myself.

// first pass:
// - normalize newlines
// - extract references (outside of fenced code blocks)
// - expand tabs (outside of fenced code blocks)
// - copy everything else
func firstPass(p *parser, input []byte) []byte {

This feature explicitly does not apply to fenced code blocks.

Additionally, it does apply to the rest of your text, where it makes zero sense to, because all those additional whitespace characters get collapsed down in HTML to one space anyway. :roll_eyes: