Disable tabbed code block

Is there a way to disable tabbed code block?

How would you want the text to display instead?

Something like this:

1. test
    a. test
        i. test
        ii. test
    b. test
2. test

i.test and ii. test turns into a code block

Have you tried making that a markdown nested ordered list?

Yes, but that’s with numbers and that would work but I want it with alpha numeric.

Gotcha. I don’t know of a simple way to do this in Hugo/Blackfriday

OK I will open a feature request

I think you are working against convention on this one. If you could use standard markdown to make your nested list, then it would only be a matter of CSS to style as you’d like. But if your content sources already contain the letters, there may not be anything to done with the markdown parser. Good luck! :slight_smile: