Markdown and footnotes - help wanted

I’m converting a site from Jekyll. I discovered that I could configure BlackFriday to process footnotes by adding this to config.toml:

  extension = ["footnotes"]

Worked like a charm.

My markdown files have lots of text within

tags so I can apply a class. Blackfriday did not convert that text. I read in another thread that a custom shortcode could replace the <div> tags and convert the enclosed text. I wrote a very simple shortcode based on an example in the thread.

filename: md.html

{{ $class := .Get 0 }}
<div class="well {{$class}}">
  {{ .Inner }}

And then I invoked it from the markdown file like this.

{{% md %}}
paragraph One [^1]

paragraph 2
{{% /md %}}

This worked great - the text was converted to html BUT the footnote was not. If I move the text with the footnote out of the shortcode then it is converted to html but not when it’s inside the shortcode.

Do I need to do something additional in the shortcode to convert the footnote?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

At least with the new Goldmark markdown parser your example now works for me.

See Footnotes rendering from within a partial? - #5 by hacky86