Make tag words bold in content

Hi! Im new to hugo and webdev. How can I find all my tags in content of page and make them bold when rendering?

Hiya! We don’t teach webdev here. We do have a couple of resources to help you get started elsehwere:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Is this all what you got? Im not new to programming lol, you can even consider me as your senior appertince brother to gods sake :smiley: what u linked is totally useless.

Are you wanting to have a ‘tag’ (i.e. a word prefixed by a # symbol) within the content of a page displayed as bold? Do you also want it to be a link?

Depending on how frequent this is, you may be best off doing it manually (as in, just formatting this as markdown). Otherwise in your theme, you could do some regex magic on .Content before it’s rendered. (I reckon this thread gives some good ideas on how to proceed.)

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