Main Stylesheet MIME Type is converted when website is published on AppEngine

Hi everyone,

On my static site, when I run “hugo server” locally, my main CSS stylesheet file ( is well available with the right MIME Type (text/css).

When I publish this Website on Google AppEngine, with exactly the same code, my file is still available but the MIME Type is modified to “application/octet-stream”, which causes the CSS not loading at all…

Here is the code on my “head.html” file where the Main Stylesheet is defined:

{{ "<!-- Main Stylesheet -->" | safeHTML }}
{{ $styles := resources.Get "scss/style.scss" | toCSS | minify }}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ $styles.Permalink }}" media="screen">

Here is the code of the “app.yaml” file to make the site available (nothing really special here):

runtime: python37

instance_class: F1


## static content routing
- url: /
static_files: src/public/index.html
upload: src/public/*
secure: always

# hugo generates pages in directories so check for index.html first
- url: /(.*)/
static_files: src/public/\1/index.html
upload: src/public/*
secure: always

- url: /
static_dir: src/public/
secure: always

- file: default_error.html

Is someone can help me, I’m stuck for many hours now and I don’t find any way to solve my problem…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you asked that hosting company for help? It sounds likes it’s their service changing the mime type.

After quickly going through it seems like App Engine serves content by handlers.

Try put styles under different route (like /styles or /assets).

Maybe this will help.

Hey !

Thanks for your suggestions, I found the solution and the problem was related to the provider.

I don’t know why but GCP was re-writing the mime type of my CSS file and I had to force the CSS mime type in my app.yaml file like this:

## static content routing
- url: /scss
static_dir: www/public/scss
mime_type: text/css
secure: always
redirect_http_response_code: 301

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