Main menu like mainSections or is removing menus planned?

So I got bit by a hard coded .Site.Menus.main that I forgot to check for nil. Since the hugoThemes demo site seems not to have a “main” menu my theme test using the showcase’s testing script failed. That’s not the real question though.

The reason I hard coded “main” is that there is no mainMenu variable, or similar. I think it would be helpful for themes to be able to ‘know’ that the mainMenu should be added to the front page, as is now possible for sections with “mainSections”.

I did notice

So I am wondering if the plan is to eliminate menus except as a legacy feature or for those who wish to manage their menus by hand, but that themes are no longer expected (or wished) to use menus for the themes showcase at the very least?

UPDATE: So I figured out the problem wasn’t hard coding “main” but something else. The question about about a .Site.Param.mainMenu or somesuch I think is still relevant though, I think.

Can I ask where you got this idea from?

The issue may be:

or else it’s another bug with where. I’m preparing documentation (including public repos) to post in a new topic under support, and possibly file a bug report.

Assuming the following code is correct, I have verified that hugoThemes does not use site.Menus.main

Combined with the quoted menuing suggested by onedrawingperday I am left wondering what the status of menus is (at least with respect to themes and and especially the hugoThemes showcase).

As this was a mess when original posted, I will rework. The problem that prompted this has more to do with each theme seeming to have it’s own ‘auto-menu’ / section navigation thing going on. I also have questions about hugoBasicExample with respect to such sections. In any event, commenting and marking as ‘solution’ so the post gets closed instead of hanging around forever (since I can’t see a ‘close’ option anywhere).

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