Lookup order when both page and partial templates are costumized?

I have set up a Hugo (0.58.3) site using the Academic theme. I am now customizing some of the page templates for specific content categories. I wanted for example a custom template for publications. The Academic theme comes with a default template in


I created a modified version of this, followed the Hugo manual instructions and placed it in my site’s


Lookup worked as expected, at least all publications now got served with the customized page.

This template does however make use of a partial page_header.html, which I also wanted to change. I followed the same approach, i.e. I replaced the original


with a customized version in my site’s


The problem I am struggling with is that the customized page_header.html partial is now only applied to other default page templates that also make use of it, e.g.


All which are the default templates that came with the theme. My customized publication template, does however still apply the theme’s default page_header.html partial and not my customized one.

I have been going over the lookup order rules in the documentation and tried to find a similar question in this forum, but haven’t been able to solve this and would be very grateful for input.

I am not sure if this is specific to the Academic theme, but haven’t tried with any other theme.

I have not read your entire post, but I can say this:

A partial in /layouts/partials/page_header.html in your PROJECT will always win over /layouts/partials/page_header.html in any theme. If this isn’t the case, and I very much doubt it because we got millions of tests in this area, then It’s a bug.