Looking for a microblogging theme that displays full posts on the homepage and that loads more posts with scrolling

Kind of a like a micro blog - one long running page.

One time it might be a photo and some text, another a quick article, etc.

Any thoughts or theme recommendations? Something simple and clean. One column.

Or, is there a way to just enable this on any theme of my choice with some simple code I can cut and paste?

There is, if the theme is configured to accept this.

Put a large enough number into paginate and it should do the trick.

Take a look at Wowchemy Blog Template, demo here.

Paginate will still display summaries. I’m looking to display the full article. So paginate is one step, but not enough by itself.

It doesn’t display the full articles on the homepage, just summaries. I’d like the full articles in the homepage.

This isn’t an answer, but I think what you’re interested in is infinite scroll. There’s been some discussion about how to do this in the forums.

Paginate will still display summaries. I’m looking to display the full article.

That depends on the theme. A lot of themes document what parameter you have to set to get full articles instead of the summary. Without a repo/themename nobody can help you with that.

I’m open to suggestions. Can you recommend one that has that feature?

Sill haven’t found one, or figured out an easy way to do this.

Any ideas? Tips? Thoughts? the subscription based microblogging platform have forked and maintain a Hugo theme that seems to offer what you ask. The theme can be found over here:

Also the theme internet-weblog can be configured to support microblogging on the homepage as per your request. It’s available here:

Both examples that you give do not show the full post on the homepage. In both cases, you need to click on the excerpt to see the whole post. That’s exactly what I don’t want.

Never judge a theme just by its demo.
Always have a look at a theme’s documentation and layout templates before making a decision.

The internet-weblog theme uses a micropost post type that displays the full body of a post on the homepage unless its link points to an external URL.

Also by default if a post uses the micropost type:

[params] - SummarizeMicroposts true or false
No. If true, Microposts will be summarized in the main list just like posts with a continue reading link. If not present or false, the default of not summarizing microposts is applied.

The relevant code about homepage post previews of the theme-ink theme can be found here

As per the linked template, different things happen whether a post has a title, a description and if its content is above 120 characters, however IF a post does not have a title then its content is displayed in full on the homepage.

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