Local host view jumps to remote all by itself

I work on my local host, it behaves strange - and suddenly I notice that it has jumped to the remote all by itself. Should I have baseURL = “http://localhost/” or baseURL = “remote address”?

The baseURL should always point to the URL from which you production site will be served.

Yes, my baseURL setting points to my remote server.
Pages at my localhost started suddenly leading not to other pages on localhost, but to pages on the remote server - and I can’t understand after what, how and why it happened, and how to fix it.
I’ll appreciate it if someone can tell me what is the reason for such behavior or where to read about it.

Faced that when browsed the pages before on production when using relative links.

That was chrome on windows.

Restart chrome, clearing the cache or disable it (dev tools or commandline) helped.

Also forced refresh (Ctrl-shift+R) on helped.

Thank you, will try.