URL repeats over and over

hi, first timer here… I don’t know from when, but it began acting weird.
The first access through that domain works fine. reading a post for the first time is fine too.
But ever since I click the baseurl (top left: it says juno.id.au), the URL becomes double URL and I no longer able to read or entry any other pages because it’s like

url/url/post/article => 404
url/url/url/page/about => 404

I’ve already checked baseurl in config file few times. (it’s same as before shiori-fujino.github.io) I can’t even explain well about the problem and it’s frustrating :’( please help!

I tried to do SEO optimising last night, also added bootstrap in the header. Would it be a reason?
My blog has a cute shivering hamster pic so please come have a look, and help me… I couldn’t sleep last night

Add a link to the public repository and we’ll have a look. Just from your message it’s a black box operation :slight_smile:

My guess is, that you should add a slash / at the end of the baseURL parameter and a https:// in the front. It must be a FULL url, not just the domain name.

Oh wow, your guess is correct. Thank you!!! I fixed it to the full URL, and it’s working properly now. thank you again lifesaver, not every hero wears a cape

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