Local host refused to connect

I’ve followed the Quick Start to Step 4. In the command prompt it said that “Web Server is available at http://localhost:1313/”, but when I try to connect to it Chrome said “localhost refused to connect”. Edge can’t visit that page, too.

What caused this problem? How to fix it?

are you blocking it with a local firewall or anti-virus?

I don’t think I did such thing, but maybe it is automatically done. How can I check?

Assuming from your statement about Edge, I don’t use Windows I’m afraid, but, if you search Google for your Win version you should be able to find info on its firewall. I think there are probably defaults set on Windows including for the firewall.

I closed my firewall and anti-virus but it still doesn’t work…

There’s some info on installing on Windows, in the docs here:

If you’re getting the “webserver is available at” message, at least hugo is running. I’m still pretty sure yours is a Windows issue.