List page for custom Tokens URL

does anyone know if it is posible to create list pages for custom permalink url with tokens.

‘portfolio’ = ‘/:year/:monthname/:day/:title/’

will create a page at:

is there a way to have a list.html page at /2023/January and so on for each month and year? if so how do i go about configuring that within the file structure or someone using tags?

I think you are asking for this:

Something that:

  • Requires minimal configuration
  • Does not require custom front matter
  • Does not require pre- or post-processing with external scripts
  • Does not require creation of files for each year, month, or day
  • Can be paginated using Hugo’s built-in pagination feature

I don’t know of any way to meet all of these requirements. If you exclude the last requirement, it is possible, but requires advanced knowledge/skills. The approach also depends on how you organize your content (e.g., everything in one directory, or subdirectories for each year, month, and/or day).