Custom List Page

How do I make a custom list page at a custom location? How do I configure its paginator?

The issue is that I have multiple sections, and I want a global archive page at /archive/, while keeping my home page different at /. I’ve tried several appraoches:

  1. content/archive.html with type: list or layout: list
  2. layout/archive.html with {{ $paginator := .Paginate .Site.RegularPages }}

None of this seems to work. What is the recipe for setting for doing this?


First you fetch what you need with .GetPage and then within its scope you can paginate the content etc.

If this is for a global site archive another approach would be to use the mainSections method.

That doesn’t work, because it does not allow for pagination…

Right. As per the Documentation:

Hugo supports pagination for your homepage, section pages, and taxonomies.

Also there is no built-in functionality for archives.

I suppose that you could configure an archive taxonomy, assign it to your content files and try to paginate that.

content/archive/ will give you a list page at

layouts/_default/archive.html , or some other location, see: Hugo's Lookup Order | Hugo

That works.

Putting this in the template page (“layouts/archive.html”) uses the standard list template too:

{{ $paginator := .Paginate .Site.RegularPages }}
{{ .Render “list” }}

Of course, you can put any filters you’d like here without any difficulty.

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