Links in not works


I created in a folder and next to this file are articles which are the chapters of a book which are titles in

The problem is that the links (titles) in this file do not work but for they work well

I want to use to not show the list of items included in the folder

only the titles and their links

I use : [chapter1] (the-chapter-1 “chapter1”) to show the links

do you have a solution to make the links work?

└── books/
    └── book-1/
        ├──   <-- page resource (not a page)
        ├──   <-- page resource (not a page)
        └──       <-- leaf bundle

The presence of an file makes the directory a leaf bundle. The other files in the directory are page resources, not pages.

If you want to be a page, rename to The presence of an file makes the directory a branch bundle.

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When i rename to
a list of articles ( chapters ) are displayed I want to display only the content of without overwriting the list file of articles in the parent folder ( books ) is there a solution?

I do not understand your question.

You have to change the layout. By default, it’s using the list layout. Either change layouts/_default/list.html, or layouts/mybook/list.html, or set layout: "foo" in and then define layouts/_default/foo.html.