Linking two content categories

Let’s say I have a series of parallel articles:


I would love to link them so that they appear in the same article.

Post 01.001 content
Commentary 01.001 content

I thought I could maybe use the related articles function, but since they are in different categories, I am not sure I can get it to work.

In my config.yaml, I started here but doubt it would work.

  includeNewer: false
  - name: title
    weight: 100
  threshold: 80
  toLower: false

Have you looked into Page Bundles?

/posts/01.001/ <-- leaf bundle (or the main page)
/posts/01.001/ <-- page resource

Or using Data (YAML/TOML/…) to store a page’s commentaries?

Also if you want the post and commentary content files as organized in your original post, you don’t need the Related feature. From the post’s “single” layout, you already know the file name. So do a .GetPage of that same name from the commentaries section.

So how do I pull using the current filename as the input into the with command?

{{ with .Site.GetPage path.Join "/commentary" .File.LogicalName  }}
    {{ .Content }}
{{ end }}

Got this to work with a bit of modification:

                {{ $comment_path := path.Join "/commentary" .File.LogicalName }}
                {{ with .Site.GetPage $comment_path }}
                    {{ .Content }}
                {{ end }}


If you don’t want to just path.Join, you can use nested with and benefit from the relative change of the “dot” scope in each nested with:

{{ $page_base_file_name := .File.BaseFileName }}
{{ if (ne .Section "commentaries") }}
    {{ with site.GetPage "/commentaries" }}
        {{ with .GetPage $page_base_file_name }}
            {{ .Content }}
        {{ end }}
    {{ end }}
{{ end }}

Additionally, look into the _build front-matter. It will be useful if you don’t want to list all the commentary pages or its section.

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