How mutual linking can be implemented?


cons  = "/:section/:title/"
pros  = "/:section/:title/"

├── 404.html
├── cons
├── _default
├── index.html
├── partials
├── shortcodes
└── pros

Any cons post has a related pros post with the same title. There’s a link to related pros post within cons post and vice versa. What’s the approach to implement this mutual linking?

I was thinking to grab the last part of URLs, the title part. Here is part of a post front matter in /contents/cons:

title= "this is a title"
cons = "sth'

It turns to [DOMAIN]/cons/this-is-a-title

If I grab the this-is-a-title part of URL, I can link to its sister by:

<a href="/pros/{{ putting last prt of url here, somehow }}">Read Pros</a>`

But, how to to grab the last part of URL?

Any better solutions?

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Thanks. It’s working:

name  = "title"

Another Q: I was using the below code for See Also section in ‘cons’ posts:

{{ range first 5 (where (where .Site.RegularPages "Section" "cons") "" "yes") }}
{{ end }}

Now I see it’s better to use Related Content. My question: currently I’m using this feature by defining name = "title" in confg.toml to link to an individual post. Can I use it for creating a list of related posts too (by name = "ctaegories")? But posts with same categories value are added to that individual post :frowning:

threshold = 80
includeNewer = false
toLower = false

name  = "title"
weight = 100

name  = "categories"
weight = 150

Also see which is still a good way of connecting on a taxonomy level.

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Yes, that is the main use case of the related feature.

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