Linking content to other content

Coming from Drupal, this would be something like ‘node reference’, where a content item is referred to within another content item. In Drupal this works both ways, where referrring to item A also creates a ref to item B. In Hugo I am lost.

Give this use case:
– authors
— Author 1 (Bio, age, profession…)
— Author 2
— Author 3
– Articles
— Article 1 (with ref to Author 1 and Author 2)
— Article 2 (with ref to Author 1)
— Article 3

Displaying the Article 1, I would like to pull data from both Author 1 and Author 2, obviously without rewriting the data of the author already defined.

Surely, this has been done before, but can’t find a ref on the doc, or over google. Pointers much appreciated.

In this specific use case (i.e., Authors and their articles), I would suggest you look at Taxonomies: Taxonomies | Hugo

Where Taxonomies are not appropriate, have a look at Related Content: Related Content | Hugo

Related content indeed. Took a while to understand, but this article explains it very well.