Link pdf file to publication

I want to link the pdf files to the publication records. So I went to the “./publications/_index” file and write the code as following:

**Authors**. Year. "Title" *Journal*, volume(issue): pages. [PDF](pdf link)

This way, the PDF is a link and directs to the journal website.
However, I have the PDF file and want to link the local PDF file to the publication record rather than directing to the online version. Which folder should I store the local PDF file, and how to change the above code to achieve my goal? Thanks.

Please read the requesting help advice and share your code; if you can’t share the one you are working on you cab create a minimal example repo.

Thanks. The code are attached. I use the Academic theme and was trying to add publication list on the “content\” file.

title: Publications
 view: 4
  caption: ""
  image: ""
## 2020
## 2018
1. **First name, Last name**. (2018), "Title" *Journal*, 80(2): 1-30. \

Now, PDF is a link directs to the website, how could I link PDF to the local pdf file?

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