How to link to PDF in the site but not in a page's local bundle?

What is the standard way to make a PDF file available for linking on pages across the website, and then what is the standard way to link to it?

What I have tried is putting the PDFs in static at the top level. This works for referencing them from content/ But then what if I want to reference one of those files from, for example, content/notes/ I know that if I create a copy of the PDF and put it in a page bundle with, I could reference it by the file name. But can it be linked to if it’s in static?

Some reference formats that do not seem to work from content/notes/ include:

  • [link](example.pdf)
  • [link](static/example.pdf)
  • [link](/static/example.pdf)
  • [link]({{< ref "example.pdf" >}})
  • [link]({{< ref "static/example.pdf" >}})

If you place the file in static

baseURL markdown [link](/example.pdf) [link](/foo/example.pdf)

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