Development Environment - Reference Links Break site

Hello, this one has had me stumped for a while and I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.

I’ve tried to generate a hugo site twice with the current version, hugo v0.110.0+extended linux/amd64, but cannot get reference links to work while developing my blog. It has some pagination to go into the different topics I cover.

I have a dir for each topic within the contents dir.
Within each dir is an unique file - this is where I place the links to each document within the topic’s dir.

I first generate a new document with hugo using hugo new /content/topic/

I type up some text and set the draft tag to false.

I update the file within the dir to include a link to the new document, adding line:
[first post]({{< ref “/topic/” > }})

This breaks the site immediately and produces the REF_NOT_FOUND error.

It does not matter if I use relref or ref.

It does not matter if I build a new hugo site - the bug persists.

I have confirmed permissions to the files and are consistent.

The link works when I drop the markdown document and just provide a path - of course this never lets me open the intended document.

I cannot seem to find where/how I am doing this one wrong.

It sounds like you have this file structure:

└── topic-1/

Is that correct?

Yup, that’s exactly what I am going for.

You need to rename “” to “”.

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That solved it, thanks.

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