Leaf bundles: date and slug from filename

TLDR: Issue is #4558, proposed fix pull request #5267.

In brief, the problem is that single files and leaf bundles are currently not being handled the same way by the :filename frontmatter config.

I have implemented a simple fix by adding a ContentBaseName-field to the file data structure, and made sure that this is set to the file base name for single files and to the folder name for a leaf bundle. As far as I can tell, this solves the problem at hand without any adverse effects, so the only question is whether I have missed a more elegant solution.

Does anybody have a suggestion for a cleaner/more general implementation, or any suggestions for changes to the current implementation (my first go code ever)?

A related discussion seems to be this one on how to retrieve parent folder names in page bundles (which should also be handled by my fix).


Input as leaf bundle: No date/slug from filename

└── blog
    └── 2018-03-02-FILE-name
        └── index.md

Input as single file: Date/slug from filename works ok.

└── blog
    └── 2018-03-02-FILE-name.md

This looks good to me; I have been one a “mini vacation” the last few days, so I have just watched the issues flow by, but I will look at the PR in more detail tomorrow.

Thanks, that sounds great!
I hope I haven’t been spamming too much – but I wanted to make sure this didn’t fall through the cracks.

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